​Melanie was down on her luck, sleeping in her car with her two children. Life seemed a dark gloom for this young mother, one evening her daughter asked her "mama what will we eat tonight? The tired and confused mother said honey I will find something for you both to eat. You will not go to sleep hungry. Having recently been evicted from their small 2 bedroom flat she had absolutely no idea what she would do. There was no family or friend she could call on and the shelters that were available would not allow her son there because he was a male child over the age of twelve. She was still employed but would not get paid for another week. They parked in an open parking lot in a park, in the middle of summer with scorching hot temperatures of about 98 degrees the three prayed for night to fall and food to ease the intense pain of hunger...


We live in the most amazing country in the entire world, America the home of the free and the brave. Unfortunately it is also the country with an extremely high unemployment rate, many live from paycheck to paycheck and has an extremely high homeless rate. Poverty in the US has increased to an all time high. If you are in a situation where you are already homeless it is next to impossible to create a normal lifestyle for you and your family. We can question all day what happens to homeless people to get them where they end up but the answer would never be the same. The truth is there are over a million different chain of events that can happen where someone ends up in this situation. In reality it does not matter, these people need our help no matter what the situation. Lets HELP and let us start at home first, here in America where many of the homeless are our own Veterans and family. You are not POWERLESS in the face of need, "You can make a difference! "You can help now by giving! When you make a donation you will receive a profile of the family or individual that your donation will assist. Please email with your information and the profile will be returned to you. Click on the donate tab now.